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per month!*

*For the first 3 months.

Save an average of


from your bookkeeping costs.¹

Take back an average of

42 hours

per month.²




Pay Less Taxes

Income and expenses are often categorized incorrectly, costing organizations by causing them to pay extra taxes. We help you organize your finances intelligently which often reduces your tax burden.

Reduce Expenses

Many small businesses and nonprofits can struggle to afford bookkeeping. This leads to improper bookkeeping and accounting methods and often a huge waste in time. We’ve designed our bookkeeping to help organizations at prices they can afford.



Save Time on Paperwork

Budgeting. Organizing transactions. Bank reconciliation. Filing paperwork with government entities. We know that taking care of your finances takes time. We help remove a big part of that load.

Avoid Big Problems

We find that when organizations aren’t doing their bookkeeping correctly, it can lead to all sorts of problems: back taxes, unnecessary fees, making costly decisions based on bad financial data, etc. We help you avoid mistakes that can be incredibly time consuming.

Providing bookkeeping that utilizes the #1 industry leading software.

It would be impossible to be where we are today if it weren’t for the help of the team at 24 Hour Group.

“We were doing bookkeeping ourselves [and] didn’t have the funds to hire a bookkeeper or an accountant. Thankfully, we met with 24 Hour Group and they were able to completely renovate our finances at a price we were actually able to afford. We went from recording $8,000 of contributions in 2018 to over $200,000 the next year!

It would be impossible to be where we are today if it weren’t for the help of the team at 24 Hour Group. Their impact has changed our lives!”

– W. Joshua Ryder, Co-Founder of LEOA Foundation

Bookkeeping Service Highlights


We make sure everything adds up in all your accounts: checking, credit cards, loans, investments, etc.

Budget Preparation

An important guide for where your organization’s money goes and the goals you create.


Reporting helps you get high level overviews or detailed information. Make sure you know what’s going on.


Sometimes an organization hasn’t been tracking their finances—we can help you get caught up.

Tax Filing

We help both businesses and nonprofit organizations file with government entities.

Quality Control

Little mistakes with financial reporting can cause big headaches later. We make sure everything is properly done.

“I’ve hired bookkeepers and accountants for years. So it was quite a surprise when I found out I owed the IRS $82,000 in back taxes and fines.

…Both the bookkeeper and accountant failed to catch problems and properly organize transactions.

[24 Hour Group was] able to go back and properly allocate the funds and fix previous people’s mistakes. [They] took our organization’s financial mess and made everything right. I’ve learned that simply having someone handling your finances isn’t enough—the quality of the people taking care of your finances can make an enormous impact.

Thank you Leo and 24 Hour Group for not only getting me out of $82,000 of financial problems, but for setting me up for future success.

– Paul, from Joseph Ministry

24 Hour Group took our organization’s financial mess and made everything right.

Simple Steps to Better Finances


Reach Out To Us

Click a “Get Started” button to begin the process of having your finances cared for by professionals. You’ll fill out a form, and we’ll be in touch.

Begin QuickBooks Subscription

You’ll need the software for us to properly do bookkeeping for you. Do you already have QuickBooks? Great! You’ll give us access so we can role up our sleeves and get to work.

Enjoy More Financial Clarity

We want to help businesses and nonprofits like yours thrive, and to take burdens off your shoulders. You can check in with us regularly for whatever you need.

More Services to Help You Thrive

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“In 2019, we weren’t really tracking our organization’s finances, even though we knew we needed to. What little we were tracking wasn’t being done right, was in a spreadsheet, and took a lot of time.

…We [began] working with 24 Hour Group. …Because of that, when a grant opportunity came along, pretty much everything was already taken care of. It made applying for the grant easy. To our excitement, we received our first grant, and at the highest amount they were offering!

…Now we have goals and budgets in place to pursue a greater vision. Having bookkeeping with 24 Hour Group makes everything way better.

It’s definitely a huge blessing and comfort to have Leo and his team doing our books. I can’t even place a value on it—it’s still paying off in huge dividends. It’s a must have.”

– Derek Avila, CFO of LEOA Foundation

It’s definitely a huge blessing and comfort to have [24 Hour Group] doing our books. I can’t even place a value on it—it’s still paying off in huge dividends. It’s a must have.

Your first 3
months are only


per month!*

Holiday Special: Your first 3 months of bookkeeping are only $99/month!

Pricing That Every
Organization Can Afford

Additional Features

In addition to the base plan features, the following can be added:

  • Bill Payment
  • Audit Work
  • Payroll and Check Registers

No matter what base plan you choose, you can add any feature. For every added feature, we will adjust your invoice accordingly. Simply ask us about it, we strive to offer additional features at an incredible rate.

*More Pricing Details: After the 3 month $99 offer, prices change to whichever pricing plan you chose. For example, if you chose the “Self Employed” plan, after the 3 month discount, the price changes to $199/month.

All prices are starting prices, and can go up if you’re interested in adding services that don’t automatically come with the base plan. For the Business and Nonprofit plans, we will analyze the size and needs of your organization, and give you a custom quote. Again, we will strive to offer our services at an incredible rate.

Ready to make an investment into your business’ or nonprofit’s financial success?

Claim Information

1 –  Based on our bookkeeping prices compared with the average of 10 competitors. Prices assessed December of 2020. Bookkeeping plans were kept in as similar of categories as possible, based off of the average income and expenses for small businesses.
2 –  Based on a survey of small businesses using QuickBooks Online conducted September 2018 who stated average savings compared with their prior solution.
Claim accessed here on 11/6/2020. QuickBooks’ survey does not account for the additional time savings of having bookkeeping done for you.