FAQ – Frequently Asked Questions

Do I need to purchase software?

Yes, unless you already have a current version of QuickBooks. We strongly recommend QuickBooks Online. However, both QuickBooks Online and QuickBooks Desktop are an option.

QuickBooks Online – You can view prices on their website. They charge a monthly fee. You can take QuickBooks on-the-go and have access to your finances wherever you are. If you’re a nonprofit, ask how you can receive QuickBooks Online at a discount!
Free apps can also be downloaded on your smart phone to help with on-the-go finances.

QuickBooks Desktop – A one-time fee. You only have access to your organization’s finances on the computer where it’s installed.

What if I don't use QuickBooks?

We won’t be able to do your books unless you switch to QuickBooks. We highly recommend QuickBooks Online. Since there are multiple options, we can even help guide you in choosing the best option for the specific needs of your business or nonprofit.

What if I want a service that's not included in my plan?

Not a problem! It will probably cost a little extra, but all you need to do is request it. We’ll let you know the price when you ask us about it.

Each plan includes different services, but these are potential options:

  • Budget Preparation
  • General Ledgers
  • Accounts Payable
  • Accounts Receivable
  • Tax Filing
  • Bill Payment
  • Audit Work
  • Payroll and Check Registers
What are my bookkeeper's qualifications?

Our bookkeepers not only have experience in bookkeeping, but they’re also equipped with at least a Bachelor’s degree. Only 12% of bookkeepers in America have a 4-year degree, and we’re proud to be in that top percentile.

How often can I talk with my bookkeeper?

We’ll be involved in the setup process. We also like to have quarterly meetings to go over things.

If you have a need or problem to be solved, you’re welcome to give us a call at anytime.

Can you prepare my books to help my CPA file taxes?

Definitely. We aspire to make your life and your CPA’s life easier.

Do you have access to my bank accounts?

No. And QuickBooks is known for its great security!

How is the security?

High levels of security are built into QuickBooks, keeping your data secure and private. You can find out more here.

What if I cancel?

If you’re all caught up, then we simply end the services. You can just let us know by calling or emailing us.

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